Saturday, January 14, 2012

Super Seniors at Colonial Update

55 Singles & Doubles
Armor Persons and Greg Copeland went down swinging in their first singles matches, but Armor has an opportunity to redeem himself in doubles, when he and partner Rick Stanton if Estero go up against David Vaughan & Peter Redpath this afternoon at 2:30pm. Vaughan & Redpath are the No.1 Seeds, so redemption won’t come easy for Armor.
60 Singles & Doubles
Steve Shortridge was our only local hope left in the 60 Singles, making it to the semi final, but he fell short against the No.2 Seed in straight sets. We are still looking good in 60 Doubles though, as unseeded Steve Shreiner and his partner Howard Ames took out the No.1 Seeds in straight sets, and Terry See & Larry Gagnon, seeded 4th, advanced to the semis in straights as well. Terry and Larry play their semi at 1pm and Steve and Howard take the court at 2:30pm.
65 Singles & Doubles
Major kudos go out to Larry Albritton of Lehigh who is lobbying hard for the “Ironman Award” of the tournament. Larry is seeded No.2 in the 65 Singles and Doubles, and plays in the Singles Final this morning at 11:30am. His path to the final wasn’t easy, and I’ll detail that in my recap of the event.
In addition to playing the Singles Final this morning, Larry and his partner Mike Melnik of Bonita have upheld their No.2 seeding in dubs and play their semifinal at 2:30pm. Unseeded Joseph MacAleer of Bonita Springs & Greg Gonzales of Naples have battled their way into the semis against the No.1 Seeds, and play at 1pm.
70 Singles & Doubles
No.1 Seed, Fred Drilling of Estero, is toting the local banner in the 70 Singles, playing in the final this morning at 11:30am. Fred has yet to drop a set in the event, but his opponent, Clive Kileff of Signal Mountain, TN, has treated all but one opponent to a tasty bagel in at least one set. Should be a good one.
After they finish wearing each other out in singles, both Fred and Clive have 2:30pm semifinal matches to play in doubles as well. Fred is partnered with Kelly Hall of Dallas, TX and Clive is teamed with Graham Primrose of Melbourne, FL. Keith Butterfield of Bonita and his partner Michael Fenster of Oxford, CT will take the court against Fred and his partner, guaranteeing a local representative in the 70 Doubles Finals as well.
75 Singles & Doubles
In singles, top-seeded Gordon Hamme of Naples has pretty much cruised to the 11:30am Final against Jim Curry of Waco, TX. Curry hasn’t had much trouble to this point either, so this battle ought to be worth watching. No one from the area made it to the later rounds in the Doubles Draw of this division.
80 Singles & Doubles
No.2 Seed Neil McDonald of Naples takes on George Boyce of Lincoln, RI in the Singles Final at 11:30am this morning, then McDonald partners with Kenneth Sinclair, also of Naples, against Boyce and his partner, Richard Morse of MA, in the Doubles Final at 2:30pm.
85 & 90 Singles
There were no doubles events in the...uh...most senior divisions, and we had no local reps in the 85s. However, Robert Klein of Naples claimed the 90 Singles Championship in a straight-set victory over Clifford Nunn, also of Naples.
Ok folks, I've gotta get this done and get out to watch some of the semis and finals. Hope to see some of you locals out there! Game, set, match...T A

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