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I found out at a meeting of USPTA professionals yesterday that what I was told would be the pro league format, teams, and match schedule won't be as I published. As such, I'm just going to leave what I did below in hopes that there is some of it that I may be able to salvage. Again, my apologies!

It's just about that time folks, and, as I read somewhere in a recent email (author, probably Mike Stern, please remind me), "Let's get ready to hobble!" That's my battle cry anyway, as we approach the kickoff of the Southwest Florida Pro League.

There’s usually some new wrinkle or another to
Frank Fourgeau
distinguish one Pro League season from another, and this season we have a couple. Topping the list is the switch in leadership from Jim Katterfield, who wants to devote more time to his new position at The Club at the Strand, to Frank Fourgeau, Gulf Harbour’s Head Tennis Professional.

Another wrinkle is the name change. Last year we went with the absurdly long title of "Fort Myers Ritzman Tennis USPTA Pro League." Well, although Ritzman Tennis is still the League’s title sponsor, and all team members are USPTA/USPTR certified or working on it, we thought Southwest Florida Pro League was a better fit. After all, we have players from Punta Gorda, and pros who work in Naples, and...well, you get the gist, right? And, what’s in a name, eh (got a lil Canadian in me-wink)?

By the way, if you happen to be the creative type, and would like to submit a potential logo for the Southwest Florida Pro League, we would be happy to consider it. If your design is chosen, I will donate a free lesson and an entire blog post introducing you to our tennis community. Step up you artists!

The wrinkle distinguishing this year from last that you would probably care most about is that the first Pro League engagement at Palmira 
on October 18th won’t be a standard dual match. The first pro League event will be a round robin where all teams will play each other in an abbreviated format, with cash on the line for that one event. All Court 1 players will play the other Court 1 players; all Court 2 Players will play the other Court 2 players, etc. It should be a lot of fun and a good preview as to what is likely to happen this coming season.

I’m sure many of you will be saddened to learn that 
Tyler Owens
Tyler Owens, formerly of Fiddlesticks, and the most consistent player on Court 1 the past two years, has had the unmitigated gall to move to the northeast permanently! If he wasn’t such a sweetheart of a guy, I’d have some harsh words for him, but I suppose we should just wish him well, rather than lament his loss…Good luck T.O.

What about the people that are here? New on the Pro League courts this season will be Pat Glaunert, Angie Guillette, and Jeff Solomon. 
Jeff Solomon
I’ve played against Angie, so I know she will be a tough out at mixed. I saw Jeff play in the Landings Grand Prix last year, and he will be a stiff competitor on Court 2, especially since he will be teaming with my former partner, Joel “Boom Boom 1” Hampton. 

Mark Drons
I haven’t seen Pat play, but I suspect that he and Oliver Stenger together will be the other teams’ nightmare on Court 4.  I’m just happy that they will be on Mike Curran’s ProGraphx team, which, incidentally, happens to be the the team I’ll be playing for as well. Of course, they will have to contend with Paul D’Amico and Mark Drons, who should be a tough team on Court 4 for Sergio Rebolledo’s Johnny Malloy’s squad. 
Mike Curran

Looking at the team rosters, it seems apparent that this season will be as competitive and exciting as any in the past few years. Let’s examine the potential matchups…

ProGraphx captain, Mike Curran, is teaming with Manny Encalada, and they should make a formidable duo, as I don’t think Manny has missed a single shot in three years, and we know that da “Big Dawg” can bang with anyone in Pro League. 
Denny Rager
Yet, if Scotty Harrington has played any tennis at all this summer (which he probably hasn’t), he should be able to bring some heat of his own. Scott is partnered with the cagey Denny Rager, one of the best tennis minds in our league, with skills to match, so they give Boston Retirement a force to be reckoned with on Court 1.

Just when you think it can’t get any better, you look over to Johnny Malloy’s Court 1 lineup and you see Sergio Rebolledo and Ryan Sherry. Huh! Is that even
Jared Kalpin
fair? Aren’t they both, like, under 30 or sump’n? Can you just see the fuzz flying when these two take on any of the others? I suspect Harborside Dental will need every bit of the magic in Jared Kalpin’s hands and feet, and all of Shawn Hedrick’s chutzpah to
 notch points on any given Friday. I wouldn’t put it past those two though.

On to the Court 2 action, I’ve already mentioned the Joel Hampton/Jeff Solomon team, which will be sure to ring up some points for Johnny Malloy’s. With Jeff's
Joel Hampton's textbook kick serve form
Corey Knapp & Frank Fourgeau
all around athleticism and Joel’s kick serve to think about, I’m just practicing returns from outside the alley. Boston Retirement captain Frank Fourgeau went with the adage of, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” and he went with Corey Knapp as his partner again. Those two were within a few points here and there of going undefeated on Court 2 last season, so I suspect they’ll be troublesome again this season.

Luke Andreae
Harborside Dental’s Court 2 squad can certainly bring the noise! Uh, my apologies; that means, "Hit it hard!" Yep, 
Harborside captain, Luke Andreae, and Elliot DeBolt are playing on Court 2. I would be all good with that…if I wasn’t playing on Court 2 as well! Both of these guys hit the ball hard enough to be on Court 1, and I’m sure you are familiar with the saying, “Speed kills.”

Patrick Kangwa
Did I mention that I am playing Court 2 with Patrick Kangwa? No? Did I mention that I think I, by myself, am older than the Boston Retirement No.2 team? I think Patrick might be right there with me, so we are giving up decades to the other three teams. 

Ok, now that I’ve had my whine with no cheese, I suspect Patrick and I will figure a way to put some points on the board for ProgGraphx. We did it a couple of years ago (Has it been three years already Patrick? Time just seems to be zipping right past my AARP card!), and I believe we’ll do it again this season. At the very least, we vow to be entertaining.

As I examine the Court 3 lineups, I realize that it is really going to be tough to distinguish Courts 2, 3, and 4 this season folks. Pretty much all of the teams on Court 3 would prove difficult to handle for the Court 2 teams, and the same might be said for Court 4.
Matt Maloney
I’m sure there may be some disagreement, but I have to think that Todd Wise and Matt Maloney are the team to beat on Court 3…Oh, and they are playing for my team too. Niiiiice; loving every bit of that! Matt brings a Court 1 forehand and serve to the table, and Todd…well…he just does everything well, and is pretty (pardon me) wise on the court. After a couple of sessions our captain might choose to move those guys up to Court 2.

As suggested earlier, there’s really no drop off in talent, because Jeff Diggs, 
Jeff Diggs (facing camera) & John Jerome
who had a successful Court 2 run last year, is teamed with Rick Calton for Johnny Malloy’s on Court 3. And when we turn to Harborside Dental, we note that Anthony Hatori, my partner last season on Court 2, will be playing with John Jerome, who partnered with Jeff last year for a successful Court 2 showing.

And if you think that would be it for the talent on Court 3, you would be wrong, dead wrong, because
Larry Gagnon
suiting up for Boston Retirement on Court 3 would be Larry “The Legend” Gagnon and Mike “the Incredible” Barnes. I won’t mention Mike’s age, because you won’t believe me anyway after watching him play, and if Larry hadn’t failed chemistry in high school, he probably would be a successful surgeon somewhere with those hands. Ok, I don’t really know if Larry failed chemistry, but you get my drift: These guys can play tennis!

So where does that leave us? Oh yes, Court 4.
Alex Hermeto
I’ve already jumped out on a limb, a very sturdy limb I believe, in touting the chances of my ProGraphx teammates on Court 4: Oliver Stenger and Pat Glaunert. Their competition will be as stiff as the competition on the other courts, as Johnny Malloy will field Paul D’Amico and Mark Drons as a squad, Boston Retirement brings Alex Hermeto and Dave Dooley to the table, and Harborside lines up Jorge Magalhaes and Dan Moenning.

Dronsy brings as much heat on serve as anyone in
Dan Moenning (right) during USPTA
Testing with Ben Rakusin as tester
Pro League and Paul flat out knows the game. Alex and “Double D” bring a combination of athleticism and know how that you won’t often see on a Court 4, and there is no “prettier” striker of the ball in Pro League, heck, maybe anywhere, than “Gorgeous” Jorge. I suspect Danny “Da Dentist’s” pearly whites will be flashing quite often as he brings his scrappy game to the fore with Jorge.

Ah, and now to the position that I keep asking to play to no avail: Mixed Doubles! 
Christie Bradley
Listen, I don’t think there has been a single Pro League event played in the past two years without there being at least one 11-9 deciding set tiebreak. Oh, but wait, I think Christie Bradley is out this season :(. I don’t think that will change the drama though.

The Mixed might just be the toughest, most evenly matched position in Pro League this coming season. If this were a tournament, it would be tough to seed this thing. 
Kerry Kendrick
Kerry “Boom Boom 2” Kendrick (you were wondering about that “1” after Joel’s Boom Boom weren’t ya?) will be playing with “Steady” Steve Shortridge for Boston Retirement. But then, ProGraphx counters with Angie “Ga-boom!” Guillette and Terry “The Sensible” See. Flip the coin on that one and good luck!

Harborside Dental brings Kim “Didn’t she play Wimbledon?” Jones to the table with Jeff “The Timminator” Timmer at her side. 
Jeff Timmer
I promise you Jeff will hit one of the candidates for “Shot of the Season” in at least one match. World class shot-making…and racquet throwing…could show up at any time with the Timminator on court. And Johnny Malloy’s brings tried and true, Erica Cossairt and Armor Persons. They were involved in a few of those deciding set tiebreaks last season, and will probably be involved is some again this season.

The first thought I have as I finish this preview is: “How in the world is this "FREE" entertainment?” 
Crowd at Colonial
My second thought is: “I should pay the people who stayed for a couple of my matches last season.” Seriously though, the way the teams stack up this season, every other Friday night (give or take a Friday) in Fort Myers, from mid-October through late March, will offer the best early evening entertainment that a tennis lover could have!
Joe Rubin- Director of Tennis at Lexington &
Lexington leadership- Janeice Beckett & Al Kinkl
Before we hit a single ball though, we should all thank the host facilities and their tremendous staffs. Most of the venues do a spectacular job of providing parking, offering refreshments, and doing all that needs to be done to create a memorable event.
And can there ever be a worthwhile event without sponsors? Perhaps, but I don’t want to find out. We’d rather offer up thanks to Tony Ritzman of Ritzman Tennis, who has been the League’s Title Sponsor the past few years. 

We would also like to thank Paul Piniones of Boston Retirement Advisors, Johnny Malloy’s, and Dan Moenning of Harborside Dental, who have sponsored teams multiple years, as well as newcomer Mike Stevens of ProGraphx, sponsoring a team for the first time. They all play a major role in making Pro League what it is. 
Butch & Laura Shorack
We also have a number of banner sponsors that make valuable contributions as well.They include: Jan David of Tennis R Us, Butch and Laura Shorack of McGregor Dental; Joe Pavich Jr. Realty; and Fred Price of Priceless Realty. If you’ve seen Dan, Butch or Laura smile, you know that they know what they are doing with people’s mouths!

If you have been to Tennis R Us, I’m guessing you are pretty much as blown away by that one-of-a-kind establishment as I am. 
Tennis R US
Joe, Fred, since I don’t have any personal experience with you, I’m just going to have to guess that you do what you do well. Thanks for your contribution to the best game in town though.

And of course, YOU! There would be no Southwest Florida Pro League without you! Seriously. To you we are greatly indebted. To Werner and Ursula Seiler who emailed me from Switzerland asking about the Pro League schedule: Thank you! To Kim Mai, I believe I’m your personal Pro League consultant, as many questions as you ask :)…and I don’t mind one bit: Thank you! 

The DeSousas
To the contingent from Grandezza that loyally follows pros that haven’t been at their club for years, the DeSousas, Wolf Kraft, the Christs, to name a few: Thank You!  

Jose Kuo in background with usual smile
To José and the others in the contingent from Punta Gorda who faithfully follow Luke and Dan: Thank you! To the Gulf Harbour faithful, like the Dances, the Ostroms, Coles and Carlsons; the Park Meadow faithful, and all who make the Pro League what it is: Thank You! 
Steph- Esteemed editor and
I hope you notice I didn't thank my mom, but since I'm thanking everyone else on earth, I have to express the utmost gratitude to my dedicated editor and photographer, Steph! If you haven't noticed a ton of typos lately, it's because Steph, despite having English as a second language, takes the time to point out my boo boos. Thanks Love! 

Pro Leaguers at The Landings
during  Toys for Tots benefit
In closing, I’m sure I speak for all of the Southwest Florida Pro League participants, including the subs who keep things going when team members can’t go, when I say, we look forward to another tremendous season in the best tennis environment we could hope for! 

Shoes & Racquet by Tennis R Us
Photo by Steph
Please stay posted as I will be cranking out Pro league updates with match coverage and League Standings throughout the season. It should be fun! See you around the courts, and have a great season on court yourself. Game, set, match…T. A.

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Wednesday, September 25, 2013


October, the kickoff month to “Season,” promises to be a busy and exciting tennis month in the Greater Fort Myers tennis community. We have a college event, a junior event, a USPTA Grand Prix event, the beginning of the Pro League, Lee County Women’s Tennis League (LCWTL), and the first fundraiser for cancer of the season…and trust me, that’s not all that’s happening as we blast our way into the 2013 – 2014 season.

Frank Fourgeau
New Pro League Commissioner
The tennis blog will be moving into a new home sometime this month; Florida Gulf Coast University (FGCU) has welcomed Courtney Vernon, their new Women’s Tennis Head Coach; The Pro League leadership has changed from the capable hands of Jim Katterfield (now at The Strand in Naples) to Frank Fourgeau’s (Gulf Harbour), who certainly brings some “Allstate” hands of his own…And still there’s more!

Paul D'Amico & Kim Jones running the show at
The Landings
We have new tennis professionals in town, and some who have been here for some time have shifted locales; The Landings, under the direction of Paul D’Amico continues to lead the way with a number of quality events on tap; Three Oaks Tennis, with Pat Glaunert and 
Angie Guillette
Angie Guillette at the helm, continues to emerge as a force in the public tennis domain; and I am joining forces with the Davids at Tennis R Us in the development of a comprehensive new tool that is likely to make our community the envy of tennis communities everywhere! Yes, there is plenty to look forward to in Fort Myers tennis this coming season!

Armor Persons
I will cover as much as I can as this season, but with a growing membership and several new teams at The Hideaway, assisting Armor Persons at Breckenridge, and the new affiliation with Tennis R Us, things promise to be quite hectic for me this season. With all of the above said, let’s get to what’s happening, in order of occurrence.

SWF Regional Team Tennis Challenge
Paris Thompson in junior tourney at
Three Oaks
The Southwest Florida Regional Team Tennis Challenge, a fun, competitive team event for juniors will be held this coming weekend, September 28-29 at the Barbara Manzo Tennis Center at Three Oaks Park. Thirteen (13) teams from Lee and Collier counties, Englewood and Miami will compete, beginning at 8:00am on Saturday.

Alex Bernard at Three Oaks
Divisions include four teams in the 10 and Under Advanced Division, five teams in the 14 and Under Intermediate Division, and four teams in the 16 and Under Intermediate Division. Teams will compete in a round robin format, which includes Boys Singles, Girls Singles and Mixed Doubles. Come on out and cheer on the future of tennis. You can find out more about the Challenge by clicking here.

USPTA Grand Prix at Landings
Grand Prix Chair Mike Baldwin figures things out
Two weeks after the Challenge, October 12 through 14, Paul D’Amico and The Landings Yacht Golf and Tennis Club are hosting the USPTA Florida Grand Prix. You may remember that the Grand Prix is a series of tournaments held across the State for USPTA Professionals.
Steve Shortridge plays in pro am
 Among our most active participants are Steve Shortridge of Colonial and Armor Persons of Breckenridge. I managed to finish atop the Men’s 50 Singles and Doubles rankings in 2012, but haven’t played an event since March or April of this year. I don’t expect much, but I suppose I’ll give it a go at the Landings next Month.

Second Annual Pink & Blue
2012-13 Pink & Blue participants
Perhaps even more importantly, the Second Annual Pink & Blue Mixed Doubles fundraiser will be held during the Grand Prix event. Last year’s Pink & Blue raised a $1,000 for Lee Memorial Hospital, and D’Amico is hoping for an event greater contribution to purchase a Chemotherapy Chair this year. Events for the event include 40 and over, 50 and over, 60 and over and 70 and over.

According D’Amico, “We did this event last year on a different date, but felt that this year we could combine the two and have both pros and amateurs at the same venue to make it a fun time and gain more spectators.” Paul anticipates registering the Annual Pink & Blue Mixed Doubles fundraiser among the National USPTA Lessons for Life events. The entry deadline for the Pink & Blue is October 8, at 5pm. You can call 239-482-0515 for additional information, and you can view and print the registration form by clicking here.

USTA/ITA National Small College Championships
John Ziegler plays with Gator player
during pro am at College Shootout
at Three Oaks Park, Jan. 2013
The action continues at the Barbara Manzo Tennis Center on Oct 10 through 13 when the Small College (NCAA Divisions II and III, NAIA and Junior/Community College) Singles and Doubles champions from the USTA/ITA Regional Championships descend on Fort Myers to play the USTA/ITA National Small College Championships. The USTA/ITA National Small College Championship is the only national championship event for singles and doubles at the NCAA Division II and NAIA levels. It is also the only tournament that combines all levels of Junior/Community College (NJCAA Divisions I and III and the California division).

Courtney, Stacy, and Jason Sherman,
Diamond District Sponsors of College Shootout
at Three Oaks Park,  Jan. 2013
According to the Intercollegiate Tennis Association (ITA) website, the Singles and Doubles champions at each divisional level will then compete to become the overall “Super Bowl” champions. The "Super Bowl" champions earn wild cards into the USTA/ITA National Intercollegiate Indoor Championships with the opportunity to win the culminating event held at the USTA-Billie Jean King National Tennis Center.

Dave Peirson plays with Georgia Tech player
during pro am at College Shootout
at Three Oaks Park, Jan. 2013
Watch for details of a VIP event, where local players may get the opportunity to hit with some of these talented intercollegiate players. Volunteers are needed throughout the weekend, and interested parties should contact LCCTA Executive Director, Lyn Bruner, at 239-482-3382. Spectators are invited to this free event.

Southwest Florida Pro League Debuts
I will be devoting an entire post to a Pro League preview, but that will take more time than I have at the moment. I did want to remind you that the newly dubbed, Southwest Florida Pro League, sponsored by Ritzman Tennis will make its first stop at Palmira Golf & Country Club in Bonita Springs (get directions here) on Friday, October 18, at 4pm. Stay tuned for team rosters, and match schedules. I should have those up before the end of the week.

Junior Tourney at Three Oaks
Things sure are hopping at Three Oaks Park, because one week after the collegians do their thing, the LCCTA will hold the Fall Festival L7 (Local) junior tournament at the Manzo Tennis Center, from October 19 through 21. 

Tourney Director Lyn Bruner assists parent &
player at Three Oaks
Events will include Boys and Girls 16s through 12s, and Boys and Girls 10 and Under, with orange balls on a 60-foot court. Players can register for the event now by clicking here. The entry deadline is Thursday, October 17, at midnight.

Summer Kudos
FMRC 7.5 Combo Team
Fort Myers Racquet Club outlasted Park Meadow Tennis Center in a thrilling USTA Men’s 7.5, 50-and-over combo playoff to earn the right to represent our community in Daytona. It was a tremendous battle in the final match, which ended 11-9 in the set tiebreak (you can get details and photos here).

Cypress Lake 6.5 Combo Team
After winning the USTA Florida Summer 6.5 Women’s Combo 18 & Over Division, Cypress Lake took on Paseo, the Fall League winner. Cypress swept all three courts, with Tracy DiBiase and Christina Beale downing Barbara Lucas and Venita Winslett on Court 1; Lenora Lee and Emily Swanhild Mora squeaking by Cynthia Dietz and Amy Newton on Court 2, and Judy Wilson and Jenny McDermott taking two straight from Brenda McEwing and Remilda Myers on Court 3.

More members of Cypress Lake's 6.5 team
Judy Wilson was busy this summer, as she also played on a Landings team which is scheduled to represent us in Daytona. The Landings took the USTA Florida Summer 7.5 Women’s Combo 18 & Over Division, and faced off against Plantation, the Fall winner, and the team that had given them their only loss, which came in the final match of the season. The Landings ladies were ready for the playoff though, and Lilli Canfield and Deb Fairbanks beat Maria Coleman and Joan Lake on Court 1, while Judy Wilson and Lori Emmons beat Rena Gezzar and Nathalie Morzaniga on Court 2 to seal the victory. Plantation took Court 3. 

Cypress lake also has a 7.0 Combo 40 & Over team going to Daytona, after they edged Fort Myers Racquet Club in a thriller last weekend. Jenny M Macdermott and Kevin C. Buckley cruised to a straight-set win over Ruth Irvin and Roosevelt Kerr on Court 1, but the other two matches went to the deciding set tiebreak. On Court 2, Tracy DiBiase and Roy McDermott outlasted Monica Ruggieri and Tim McClary in a really tight one (5-7, 7-5,  ), and Laura Deluca and Robert DiBiase edged Virginia Nicodemi and Craig Aberbach in another deciding tiebreak.

Katrina Ramsey of Kelly Greens
Katrina Ramsey’s Kelly Greens 9.0 Mixed Combo has been the dominant force at that level and they will be heading to Daytona to represent our area. Kelly Greens won both the fall and summer seasons, and had to play themselves to determine who would be going to Daytona. They will be taking a strong team to that competition, so it wouldn’t surprise me if they brought home the fuzzy bacon. 

Larry Albritton
Larry Albritton, an assistant pro at Heritage Palms won the Men's 5.0 Singles; Brittany Wadsworth of Cape Coral Yacht & Racquet Club took the Women's 4.5 Singles; Sean Simmons of Rutenberg Park won Men's 4.0 Singles; Jim Haffner and Andrew Mikulaschek claimed the Men's 4.0 Doubles while Amy Johnson and Danielle Cardinale took the Women's 3.5 Doubles in their first season of Ultimate Tennis play. 

Kim Mai & Sandy Devins
It was in the Mixed Doubles divisions that our area dominated. Jane Zito and Sean Simmons of Rutenberg Park won the 4.0 Division; Kim Mai of Cape Coral, one of my most delightful students, teamed with Jim Bremer of Matlacha to take the 3.5 Division; and Daniela Aguirre-Lugones partnered with husband Fernando Lugones to capture the 3.0 Division.   

Musical Pros
Ex-Commish Jim Katterfield
You are familiar with musical chairs, right? Well here's the tennis professional version. One of the most significant moves for our community is Mike Baldwin's leaving the east coast to take the leadership position at Mediterra. That should definitely been perceived as a coups! Tyler Owens has moved up north, and Jeff Diggs is looking for someone at Fiddlesticks; Larry Gagnon has gone from Plantation to Punta Gorda YMC;, Shawn Hedrick has left the Strand in Naples and is now at Wilderness, also in Naples; Jim Katterfield has left Shadow Wood to assume the directorship at the Strand, West Bay is looking for a pro, and on, and on…I’m sure we will hear about a few more changes before season is fully underway.

Club Updates
Terry See
It's always good to know what's going on with local clubs. Two pros answered my call this time around: Armor Persons of Breckenridge and Terry See of Cypress Lake Country Club. This summer, Breckenridge replaced four of their courts with new hydro courts built by Ritzman Courts. According to Armor, Breckenridge members are excited about playing their league matches on the new courts. Plans are to convert the remaining four courts in two phases in the near future.

The Hideaway
Of course I can report on The Hideaway, and the administration continued its efforts to upgrade our facility this summer, contracting with Armor Persons of Court Masters Tennis Services to replace the lines on all four courts. With the continued monthly maintenance Armor provides, our courts should be in great shape for the upcoming season.

Terry See has grown the membership at Cypress Lakes Country Club tremendously over the past couple of years, and he is now in need of someone who would be able to do light court maintenance in the early morning, and to work in tennis shop until about noon, two or three days per week. If interested, please email Terry at or call 239- 851-6663.

Interesting Tidbit
Alan Sweet
Phew! I’m about done in folks. I think I’ll just end with a little human interest story. In sharing information about the LCCTA with me, Lyn Bruner also sent along this little nugget: Alan Sweet, a sophomore at Baron Collier High School in Naples, and currently ranked No.19 in USTA Florida’s Boys’ 16s, comes by his tennis talent naturally. Alan’s maternal grandfather, Mr. Atsushi Miyagi, who lives in Japan, won the US Open Doubles in 1955. Mr. Miyagi was at the US Open this year, where he was able to view his name, listed among all US Open winners, for the first time. Pretty neat huh? I thought so anyway :).

Well, I hope you are looking forward to the upcoming season as much as I am. I think it is going to be tremendous, and I'm looking forward to being a part of it. As always, thanks to folks like Steph, Judy Wilson, Lyn Bruner, Terri Destoppelaire, and others who provided photos and information used in this post. Until soon- game, set, match...T. A.