Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Welcome to the start of a new season…well, it isn’t quite the start yet, but it sure feels like it to me as I sit here with a million things already to write about. 

Things continue to fluctuate with new teams and new members coming on board, but an exciting 2013-14 tennis season is shaping up for The Hideaway. I’ll get to the new developments in a minute, but let’s take a look at the good things that have happened this summer.

First Men's Team Sees Action
Captain Ed Marcelo

Yes, the off-season has been good for Hideaway Tennis. We have had quite a bit of activity both on and off the court. We had our first Men’s team in action, as Ed Marcelo led a USTA Men’s 55-plus 7.5 combo team, featuring several of our new members. 

New Members on Board
Speaking of new members, The Hideaway added 15 new tennis members (9 men, 6 women) in the off-season, which bodes well for our teams and other activities. All of the men carry USTA ratings that are at least 3.5, and we have a few 4.0 players among the new additions (click here for list of new members). 

Paula Barry & Vivian Landis
The six new ladies will certainly enhance our ladies teams, and Vivian Landis, a long-time member, has agreed to join other long-standing Hideaway members, Paula Barry and Lee Cross, on one of our ladies teams. Welcome aboard Viv!

Interclub at Hideaway
The Ladies of Interclub
Hideaway members at Interclub Luncheon
The courts were quite busy this off season, as I had a full complement of lessons and clinics, teams were preparing for for season, and The Hideaway hosted the Annual Summer Interclub Round Robin that takes place each summer. Several of our members participated in the Interclub, a once-per-week round robin event with 16 players on four courts, from four local clubs. This summer, participating clubs included The Hideaway, Gulf Harbor, Lexington and Heritage Cove.

The Interclub culminated with a get together on September 8 at the Lighthouse Restaurant. Twenty-three ladies were in attendance including a large contingent from The Hideaway.

Facility Upgrades
The Hideaway’s administration continued its efforts to upgrade our facility this summer, contracting with Armor Persons of Court Masters Tennis Services to replace the lines on all four courts. With the continued monthly maintenance Armor provides, our courts should be in great shape for the upcoming season.

In line with our efforts to improve communication and to get everyone on the same page, we have created a 
Tennis Member Handbook, that should provide you with just about anything you would want to know about Hideaway Tennis, or at the very least, point you in the right direction if there is something you want to know. Some of you may have already previewed an early draft, but I expect official publication of the Handbook to be circa the end of October.
Online Reservation System
Moving forward into the 2013-2014 season, we will have an online reservation system, which should simplify the court reservation process. Don’t panic if you don’t use computers, iPads, smart phones
 or any of the other new-fangled gadgets; you can still reserve a court by calling the pro shop. More details on the reservation system will be provided after the system has been adequately tested. I’m hoping to get a group of volunteers to evaluate two online systems, and we will make a choice after receiving sufficient feedback. 

Teams Ready for Action
Our three Lee County Women’s Tennis League (LCWTL)
Agi Keleman and Paula Barry after big win
teams and our men’s USTA Florida 55-plus 3.5 team start play next month (click here for team schedules). First up on our home courts will be Ed Marcelo’s 3.5 team, which starts play on Tuesday, October 8, at 10am. First up for the women will be the Copper team, led by Bert Ann Haas and Terri Turner. 

Our 3.0 team, co-captained by Lynne Price and Rennie Bassett, take to the home courts on Monday, October 21, at 10:30am, and our Bronze team, with Pearle Warren and Pat Ben-Dov at the helm, will have its home debut on Wednesday, November 20.

Team Pre-Season Luncheon

2012 - 2013 preseason luncheon with Sean
A preseason luncheon on the Hideaway patio will be held on Wednesday, October 9, for members of our ladies teams, right after a fun round robin including members of all three teams. The round robin will be from 9:30 – 11am, with lunch following immediately after. Team members interested in attending should contact Bert Ann Haas at 239-369-7853 or matchscore@aol.com by Monday, October 7, at 12pm . 

Hideaway Hosts SWFTT

Another exciting development will be Mike Stern fielding a team that will participate in the Southwest Florida Team Tennis (SWFTT). Outside of the Pro League, SWFTT matches provide some of the most entertaining doubles matches you will find in the area. Several local pros will be on the Hideaway team this coming season, including Armor Persons, Larry Gagnon, and yours truly. We look forward to seeing you out at the courts for these skirmishes.

New Tidbits

For those who are technically inclined, we have created a folder for you to view a variety of documents including team schedules, the Tennis Member Handbook and more. You can click here. Oh, and last but not least, thanks to Nina Carpenter, tennis balls are now available for purchase in the pro shop. We aim to please!

Before I go I would like to thank The Hideaway Administration for its continued support of our fledgling tennis program, and for all of you who are helping this become the best little tennis program in town! A special thanks to our team captains, who have a thankless job. They include Bert Ann Haas, Peale Warren, Lynne Price, Terri Turner, Rennie Bassett, Pat Ben-Dov, Mike Stern, and Ed Marcelo. Don't hesitate to give them a pat on the back when you see them! Until next, game, set, match...T. A.

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