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Fort Myers Ritzman Tennis USPTA Pro League Part II

Mark Drons with Mike Lawver of Heritage Palms
The Fort Myers Ritzman Tennis USPTA Pro League is beginning its stretch run this Friday the 27th at the Bonita Bay Club in Bonita Springs. Unlike most of the other host sites, Bonita Bay will have all matches playing at once and starting at 4pm.

Pro League Team Standings
With only five team matches to go, Boston Retirement Advisors (BRA), led by League Commissioner, Jim Katterfield, holds the lead with 32 points. On BRA’s heels is my team, Harborside Dental (HD), led by Mike Curran, and the Denny-Rager-captained AutoDrive (AD) with 28 points each; and Johnny Malloy’s (JM) with 24, led by Shawn Hedrick.

Remaining Schedule
Here is the schedule for the remaining matches:
Jan. 27           Bonita Bay Club
Feb. 10           Shadow Wood Country Club
Feb. 24           Lexington Country Club
Mar. 9             Colonial Country Club
Mar. 30           Legends Country Club (Playoffs)

The Matchups at Bonita Bay
Ty Owens & Manuel Encalada
Not too long ago we were wondering if the Packers would go undefeated. Well our Pro League has its own version of the Packers this season, and that’s the team of Manuel Encalada and Tyler Owens. 

Boston Retirement vs. Harborside Dental
Court 1  
Sergio Rebolledo & Mike Curran
Mannuel and T.O., as he’s affectionately called, are 5-0 this season and take on Mike Curran and Sergio Rebolledo for the second time. The teams battled to 11-9 in the super-tiebreak last time they met, so this ought to another good battle.

Court 2 
Frank Fourgeau & Luke Andreae
After going undefeated for the first three outings, Frank Fourgeau and Luke Andreae have lost a couple of tough super-tiebreak matches in a row. They took Joel and I down in a really exciting three-setter the first time we played, but Joel’s in a cast, and I have a new young gun, Jeremy Orme to carry me. We’ll see how it goes this time.

Court 3  
Jim Katterfield & Fred Hindle
Jim Katterfield and Fred Hindle have been tough all season, losing just once as a team when they didn’t play subs. They will face Mike Lawver and Mark Drons, who are coming off a nice straight-set victory over the tough team of John Jerome and Alex Hermeto.

Court 4  

Dave Dooley & Rick Calton
Dave Dooley and Rick Calton will face Tony Halski and Fran Coryell who have had a hard time putting up “W”s this season. Tough losses have been the story for Tony and Fran and thy will be looking to get in the “W” column this week.

Mixed Dubs  
Erica Cossairt & Jeff Timmer
Jeff Timmer should be back in action with partner Erica Cossairt against Christie Dan Moenning and Christie Bradley. The way things have gone this season, I am expecting a super-tiebreak finish to this one, and it’s a “pick em” match for sure.

AutoDrive vs. Johnny Malloy's
Court 1 
Denny Rager & Jared Kalpin
Denny Rager and Jared Kalpin have proven to be the second toughest team in the league on the No.1 Doubles court. They will take on Scott Harrington and Shawn Hedrick, the team that has struggled the most thus far at this position. 

Court 2 
Patrick Kangwa & Jeff Diggs
Jeff Diggs and Patrick Kangwa have come on strong after a slow start, posting three consecutive wins. They'll try to keep it going against the hard-hitting team of Elliott DeBolt and Kevin Kearns.

Court 3
Alex Hermeto & John Jerome
Alex Hermeto and John Jerome are one of the toughest teams on paper at this position, but haven't dominated as one might expect. They'll seek to get rolling against Jorge Magalhaes and Todd Wise.

Court 4 
Larry Gagnon & Rob Vinal
Larry Gagnon and Rob Vinal are dang near unbeatable at the fourth spot...when Larry the Legend is healthy that is. Steve Shortridge and Anthony Hatori has given everyone they've played fits, taking a couple super-tiebreaks. Another super-tiebreak is likely.

Mixed Dubs  
Terry See & Carolyn Lawver
The always tough to beat Terry See and Carolyn Lawver will battle Armor Persons and Kerry Kendrick. Terry has been battle tested, winning his division in the recent Super Seniors and Kerry has been playing really well. Another close one should be on tap here.

Results from Heritage Palms Jan. 13
Boston Retirement vs. Johnny Malloy’s
Court 1
Scott Harrington & Shawn Hedrick
Manuel Encalada and Tyler Owens remain undefeated, winning 6-2, 6-4 over Shawn Hedrick and Scott Harrington.

Court 2
Frank Fourgeau and Luke Andreae lost to Patrick Kangwa and Jeff Diggs 7-5, 6-7, 1-10 in the super-tiebreak.

Court 3
Jim Katterfield and Fred Hindle lost 6-7, 2-6, to Todd Wise and Tom Fisher (sub)

Court 4
Rick Calton and Mark Owens (sub) beat Steve Shortridge and Anthony Hatori 6-3, 7-5

Mixed Dubs
Kerry Kendrick & Armor Persons
Dave Dooley and Erica Cossairt beat Armor Persons and Kerry Kendrick 7-6, 6-2

Harborside Dental vs. AutoDrive
Court 1
Mike Curran and Sergio Rebolledo lost in the third set super-tiebreak (7-6, 6-7, 4-10) to Denny Rager and Jared Kalpin despite having match point in the second set tiebreak. 

Court 2
Joel Hampton & T A Niles
T. A. Niles and Jeremy Orme got a walkover when Kevin Kearns’ partner Elliott DeBolt couldn’t make it due to a miscommunication

Court 3
Mike Lawver and Mark Drons beat Alex Hermeto and John Jerome 6-4, 7-6

Court 4
Fran Coryell
Fran Coryell and John Ramsey (sub) lost to Larry Gagnon and Rob Vinal 6-0, 6-3

Mixed Dubs
Dan Moenning & Christie Bradley
Dan Moenning and Christie Bradley lost to Terry See and Belinda Dufrene (sub) 3-6, 6-4, 9-11 in the super-tiebreak

Christie & Steve enjoy the pizza & dishware
As usual, there will be refreshments for your consumption so consume away...our games look better that way, and it enhances crowd participation :). 

Serious Dish for Pizza!
Heritage Palms went all out with their refreshment dishware. Must be a first class operation there (wink). Come out to Bonita Bay and see what they have to offer. Game, set, match...T A

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