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You may already know this, but I started my tennis career under the tutelage of Phil Gordon in the inner city of Hartford, Connecticut. It was due to his generous spirit, his determination to contribute to the lives of youngsters who wouldn't ordinarily be exposed to our great game, that I have experienced all that I have in the game. I will be forever grateful to Phil, and will always support others like him. 

Paul Segodo of strikes me as one of those individuals who is seeking to contribute to the lives of others through the game of tennis, and I would like to join him in his effort. I have already given him all of the racquets that I have, and if you have racquets in your garage or closet that you don't use, I am encouraging you to do the same. Please see Paul's request to local pros below:

  Racquet With a 

Donate your Used Tennis Racquets

Yellow Stripes


Sponsor Our Kids Helping Kids Tournament

Dear Coaches,

I hope you are having a great season. My name is Paul Segodo and I have played with some of you in the Pro League. I am sending you this email because our foundation is having a racquet drive and I wanted to see if you would like to get your club members involved in donating used racquets and tennis equipment to help children play their way to a better life through tennis instruction and education scholarships. If you are interested please email me at and we will provide a box for you. Thank you so much for your time and I hope to hear from you. Learn more.

Racquet with a Heart:

There are currently hundreds of children around the world who would like to play the game of tennis, but don't have the proper equipment to do so. We at Tennis for a Better Life would like to change this but we need your help. You can help us by donating  new or used tennis racquets. Click to find out more

 We have drop off at the following locations: Click here to find out

  • "The greatest good you can do for another is not just to share your riches, but to reveal to him his own."
Benjamin Disraeli.

Many of these children have so much talent and just need an opportunity. With your help we can help the children play their way to a better life.

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