Thursday, April 4, 2013


Your last chance this season to check out some of the top Pro League combatants is this coming Friday, March 5th, beginning at 4pm at The Landings Yacht, Golf & Tennis Club. As one component of the annual Madisen’s Match event hosted by Paul D’Amico and his staff at the Landings, 
the Inaugural Madisen’s Cup Charity Doubles Showdown will feature some of your local favorites on Friday, while Saturday’s activities will showcase some of the best tennis players in the world.

The action begins at 4pm with the quarterfinals, and going into the event, the top seeds and betting favorites have to be Denny Rager and 
Tyler Owens & Denny Rager
Tyler Owens, who didn’t lose a single match on Court 1 all season. Manny  Encalada and Luke Andreae are next in line for seeding, as they made a tough duo this season on Court 1 as well.  

Luke Andreae & Manny Encalada
Of course the top guns need some cannon fodder, and that’s where yours truly comes in. Jeff Diggs and I will face first-court players Scott Harrington and Elliot Debolt in our first match, and of course we’ll be doing all we can to pull off the unlikely upset. Manny and Luke have the pleasure of facing Joel Hampton and Jim Katterfield, one of the more successful Court 2 duos this season, in their first match.

Mike Barnes & Paul D'Amico
Denny and Tyler will take on event host Paul D’Amico and Mike Barnes, a pair of savvy doubles players, and Sergio Rebolledo and Matt Maloney will battle Frank Fourgeau and John Jerome, both of whom had success on Court 2 this season. Frank and John pose the highest threat level for an upset, but don’t be surprised if things unfold according to plan. Here’s the tourney draw and match times:

                Friday at 4 PM - Quarterfinals
1. Owens/Rager vs.         8. D’Amico/Barnes
   2. Andreae/Encalada vs.  7. Katterfield/Hampton
   3. Harrington/Debolt vs.   5. Diggs/Niles       
   4. Rebolledo/Maloney vs. 6. Fourgeau/Jerome

Friday at 5:30 PM – Semi-Finals
Winners of Owens/Rager Match vs. Winners of Rebolledo/Maloney Match
Winners of Andreae/Encalada Match vs. Winners of Harrington/Debolt Match

I’m not sure how great the quarterfinals will be, but I would bet that the semis will be hotly contested as the price money increases and the talent evens out. There will be cocktails on hand and there may even be an opening or two for the Live Jazz Dinner and Auction happening tomorrow (Friday evening) as well. Check out all the exciting activities on tap at Madisen’s Match this weekend by clicking here! Game, set, Match…T. A.

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