Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Hideaway Revealed- Second Season on Tap

Surely the number of people has dwindled who, in pleasant surprise, can say, “I didn’t even know this existed,” as so many have as they walked through the gates to the tennis courts at The Hideaway Country Club in Fort Myers. 

Tennis Courts Landscaping
That response was understandable before The Hideaway’s residents and administration opened the gates to nonresident tennis lovers, and before Bert Ann Haas and Pearle 

Bert Ann Haas, Pearle Warren,
& Pat Ben-Dov
Warren brought their Lee County Women’s Tennis League (LCWTL) Copper and 3.0 teams, respectively, to The Hideaway. Jenny, Dorrie, thanks, and I hope we passed muster this season!

Paula Barry, Agi Keleman, and
Bert Ann Haas in background
Over the past 10 months, Hideaway’s intimate tennis membership has just about doubled, but it remains intimate. There is still plenty of room for growth, as the program is still in its infancy. We hope to continue with our 3.0 and Copper teams, 
 Lynne PriceActing 3.0 captain
and we have had inquiries about potential Bronze, 3.5 and 4.0 teams representing the Hideaway next season. If you don’t have a tennis home and aren’t committed to a team at any of those levels, we would love to chat with you about the possibility of being a member of our blossoming community.

Jerry Courtney & Alice Fink
Guys! Where are the guys? All of the new Hideaway members are women, and as much as I am pleased with their joining, I’d be tickled if we could get some hairy legs out on the courts. 
Tennis Assoc. Pres, Bill Cross,
Linda Sisco, Peg Perry, & T. A.
Ok, so we already have quite a few men who play our round robins on Tuesdays and Fridays, but we don’t have enough testosterone to form a men’s team. 
Bill Dey
Again, if you don’t already have a home, we’re open to all ages and levels and would like to get the first men’s team in the new program’s history rockin’ and rollin’.

If you are like me and you have affection for golf as well as a love for tennis, you have to come checkout The Hideaway. 
Golf Course
Play some tennis, play a round (during the off season), visit the dining room, and experience a slice of old Florida right in your back yard. 

Dining Room
You can call Sean Balliet for membership information at 239-275-5581 and/or you can call me for tennis information at 407-466-4652, or email both at Game, set, match….T. A.

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  1. The " Hideway" is truly one of our hidden and peaceful communities in Fort Myers where you can find one of our outstanding pro's, passing on his knowledge and affection for tennis :)))))