Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A Thank You from Hideaway Tennis

The turkey has been relegated to salad and sandwiches, we've recovered from being stuffed with stuffing, but the memories of spending time and sharing sentiments with friends and family remain…They will stay with us until Thanksgiving Day comes around again.

I know I don’t have to remind you that we have much to be thankful for at The Hideaway, but I wanted to share my thoughts and sentiments of gratitude. As with the rest of the Hideaway community, Hideaway Tennis has much for which to be grateful. 

Personally, on the administrative end of things, I’m grateful for the tremendous support the blossoming tennis program has received from Tom Dudas, Sean Balliet and Janine Harrell. Without their efforts, we would not have witnessed the growth of over 80% in tennis membership.

Doug & Sean
I would be remiss if I didn't give thanks to Doug, who quietly and with his ever-present smile, goes beyond his anticipated call of duty to ease the growing pains of the budding tennis program. 

Chef Nick
And of course I am grateful to Chef Nick, Rick, Nid, Chris, and the rest of the Food and Beverage staff who have welcomed our new members in their own special way. 

Paula Barry & Vivian Landis
Speaking of welcoming, without the generous spirit displayed by long-time members such as Paula Barry, Vivian Landis, Bill Dey, Gerry Courtney, Bill and Lee Cross, Bob Ostrom and others, members who have been the heart and soul of the tennis community for eons, I wouldn't be here and neither would the 21 new tennis members. 

Gerry Courtney
And without their efforts, the tennis courts wouldn't receive the glowing praise they receive from everyone who visits The Hideaway.

Bert Ann, Pearle, Pat
In addition to all I've mentioned as worthy of immense gratitude, there are other driving forces behind the growth in our tennis program and membership. Bert Ann Haas has worked tirelessly to build our Lee County Women’s Tennis League (LCWTL) Copper team, and Pearle Warren has done the same to establish our 3.0 team. Thank you ladies for the difficult and often thankless job you do!

Terry Turner & Karen Keeling
Finally, to the ladies who show up for practice, who give their all each time they step out onto the court as representatives of The Hideaway tennis program, a great, big “THANK YOU” goes out to you as well. 

Pre-season Team Luncheon
To all above, I hope you had a tremendous experience with your family and friends on the designated day for giving thanks! I hope, despite our daily challenges, we remain grateful for all we have, including the little piece of paradise that is our Hideaway.

Your Grateful Tennis Professional,
T. A. Niles

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