Thursday, April 26, 2012

Tennis on Tap for the Weekend

I’m betting you wouldn’t be surprised if I told you that there is still good tennis to be had in and around town? With Ultimate Tennis Playoffs and USTA Leagues ongoing, an Open House at The Hideaway on Friday afternoon, and the Florida Cup this weekend in Naples, tennis is still hot despite so many of the faithful heading north and west.

Hideaway Open House Friday
Starting with what’s first on the agenda, The Hideaway, which I wrote about in a previous post, is having an “Open House” this Friday, the 27th from 4 – 7pm. Essentially, it’s an opportunity for you to come see my new tennis home, and play some fun tennis. For you serious players, we’re talking hit and giggle for the most part, ok? Click here for my piece on The Hideaway.

Florida Cup This Weekend
Florida Cup
The rosters for the 9th Annual Florida Cup to be held at the Waldorf Astoria, Naples, FL (formerly known as Naples Grande) are set. The event is a Davis Cup format with two singles matches and one doubles match played each of the two days. Teams earn a point for each match won, and the team with the highest total after all matches played wins. The Defending Champ holds the Cup in the event of a tie.

Larry Turville
I don’t know much about the players from Team East, but there are some Florida tennis heavyweights amongst Team West’s members this year as there usually are. I don’t want to jinx us, but in the divisions from 60 – 80, the West is in really good shape.

Fred Drilling
With a number of players who have been highly ranked in the International Tennis Federation (ITF) rankings, including Larry Turville (60), Clem Hopp (80) and Fred Drilling (70), former ITF World No.1 players; Fred Farzanegan (75), and Joe Bachmann (70) former ITF World No.2 players; and Phil Landauer, former ITF World No.3, I like our chances in the upper age divisions. Oh, by the way, Fred Drilling has posted a 122-0 record in ITF play. Pretty impressive, eh?

David Vaughan
We aren’t exactly chopped liver in the lower age divisions either with players such as David Vaughan (55), a former USTA Florida No.1-ranked player, and Peter Redpath combining to form a formidable doubles team; Jorge Failla (50), who played like he was 30 the last time I saw him, and, of course, me (50). I Suspect we’ll give the East all they can handle.  
John Jerome
Other area players on the West Team include John Jerome (45), Roberto Saad (50), Larry Albritton (65), Neil McDonald and Gordon Hammes. Singles matches begin at 9:30am on Saturday and doubles will be played at 2:45pm.

USTA League Play
Cindy Cheslosky & Andrea Trank
Co-Captains of Park Meadow-Cindy
Park Meadow Tennis Center’s undefeated Park Meadow-Cindy, Women’s 3.5 team has a big match on Friday (27th) with the other undefeated team in the division. Park Meadow-Cindy will travel to Port Charlotte to take on Harold Avenue. 

Both teams are currently 4-0, so the winner will take sole possession of first place with half of the season to be played. The teams will play one more time before season’s end…in fact, in the season finale.

Ultimate Tennis
Alex & T.A.
I don’t know how many local players made the playoffs and are moving on after first round matches in the Ultimate Tennis League playoffs, but I know that Renee Bailin won her first match in the 3.5 playoffs in straight sets and I squeaked by Alex Blagojevic in three sets in the quarterfinal of the 5.5 playoffs. If you know of any other locals who are moving on in the playoffs, please don’t hesitate to let me know.

 Renee will be playing her quarterfinal by May 3rd and I have through May 11th to play my semifinal match. I’m hoping to get another shot at Jarrod Goare (sorry Willy), my only loss this season. I’ll keep you posted on our progress. 

Well, as usual I'm pretty sure there's lots more tennis happening, but I can only write about the little I know about. Back with you soon. Game, set, match...T. A.

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  1. Good luck on the open house. Wish I could be there. Working two jobs tomorrow. Nice picture. I approve. Lol