Sunday, March 18, 2012

A Smashing Time at Park Meadow Masters Pro League

If you didn’t make it to Park Meadow Friday night, then you missed some fun stuff, some great food and the best bar service. I’m blaming Dan and Sherry Campbell, Andrea Trank and Cindy Cheslosky for the way I played.

Dan Campbell & Randy hang by the grill
I mean, who could focus on tennis with the savory smells from Dan’s smoker wafting over the tennis courts? Obviously not me…and, the reason I whiffed that sitter at the net is only because I had visions of Cindy’s mac and cheese and baked beans and Andrea’s chocolate chip banana bread floating before my eyes.   
Here try it; it's good stuff

Steve wonders why T A's laughing 
The good news, is that once it was all over, and Steve Hedrick and I had prevailed in the third-set super-tiebreak over John Jerome and Tom Fisher (they were more generous at the end than we were), we just moseyed on over to where Jim Marks had the bar set up and drowned the embarrassment of blown sitters, shoddy footwork, and whatever else we were doing out there that almost resembled tennis. 

Jim Marks tending bar
Dan & Sherri, Andrea, Cindy, Jim and Sheri (not necessarily in that order LOL) we surely did appreciate your efforts, and we are also really grateful to the people who came…especially the ones who stayed through the matches! By the way, Oliver was very adamant that I not forget to express our gratitude, so you can tell him he’s welcome, k? Huge thanks to Steph from me for the terrific pics!

Tom & John enjoying the action
Although already expressed in person, I’ll deliver Oliver’s thanks to the players in writing as well. Every match went to a third set or third-set super-tiebreak (STB). On Court 1, our match went 6-7 (we lost the breaker after being up 5-2), 6-4, 10-8 in the STB. I’m convinced that there is a jinx attached to being up 5-2 in a breaker (maybe even in sets). John and Tom were up 5-2 in the STB and we came back to win that, and I’ve had a couple 5-2 leads evaporate in Pro League this year as well. Hmmmm.

Hang in there Steve. It'll get better...and it did.
I’ve gotta give Steve credit for putting up with me. Far too many times his big serve would set me up and I either missed the duck or failed to do anything significant with it. I thought he was gonna check out on me at 1-3 in the second set, but he hung in there with me, and carried the old guy through to the finish line.

Christie Bradley & Steve Shortridge
On Court 2, just as I suspected with Christie Bradley involved, it went to a STB. Christie played with Steve Shortridge and they faced Dave (AKA Billy) and Erica Cossairt. This is one of those matches that you may as well throw out the first two sets (6-1, 1-6) , because you can't figure out what happened, and just focus on the third. The STB went in Steve and Christie's favor, 10-5, but Dave and Erica didn't seem all broken up about it. All about the fun!

Armor Persons & Belinda Dufrene
Carol Hayduk & Marius Espeleta
Court 3 featured Armor Persons and Belinda Dufrene against Marius Espeleta and Carol Hayduk. I’m not surprised that this one went three either, seeing that both Marius and Armor have recent histories of going to third-set STBs. And this one was a good one. Marius and Carol took the first set 6-3, Armor and Belinda took a tough second 7-6, and Marius and Carol prevailed 10-5 in the STB.

Sandy Miller & John Ramsey
Mike Duke & John Ramsey
On Court 4, John Ramsey and Sandy Miller took on Mike Duke and Maria Coleman. These folks were having so much fun that they decided to play out the third set instead of playing a STB. John and Sandy finally prevailed, 6-1, 4-6, 6-3. In John’s own words, “Mike Duke played very tough. Maria held her own against Sandy.” Listen, I’ve played against Sandy recently and holding one’s own against Sandy is no mean feat! Way to go Mike, Maria! I hope John didn’t hurt anyone with that heavy forehand. 

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Rich Hayduk & Oliver

I had mistakenly expected presentations to team captains to follow, so I apologize if I misled anyone into having similar expectations. I’ll seek more specifics next time around. Up next at Park Meadow is the Mixed Doubles edition of the Club Championships this weekend (24th), and the Men’s and Women’s Doubles on the 31st. There’s still a little time to sign up. 

Michelle Rygiel
Speaking of the tournament,I’ve got to apologize to Michelle :(. She graciously agreed to play with me in the Mixed, and I ungraciously backed out on her to go get thumped in Palm Beach Gardens. Sorry Michelle! I definitely owe you one. Until next….Game, set, match…T A


  1. Thanks Andrea, and nice, peaceful win today :)!