Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanks fom Turkey Bowl in Boca- Happy Holiday!

To go or not to go, that was the question… So after waffling for a few days, I decide to enter the Turkey Bowl in Boca Raton. It’s as big a tournament as you’re going to find in Florida at this time of year, a money tournament for the young guys and gals in the Open draw, and good competition for the geezers like me.
Unfortunately for me, there’s no 50s division, and I’m not decrepit enough for the 55s, so I had to enter the 45s. I won that division back in 08, but the three years since then may as well be three decades as far as my readiness to really compete in the event is concerned.
Anyway, I tentatively enter the event, hoping I’ll be able to get through a round or two. Then I look at the draw last night and see that I’m going to have to play two rounds in one day…providing I get past Round 1! Really Steve, Keith (Tournament Directors)? Getting through one match will be challenge enough, I gotta play two? Just kidding guys. Glad to be in the draw at all. Thanks.
And what happens if I make it through those two matches? Well I play again the next day against tougher competition of course. Ha! May as well have gotten a wildcard into the US Open. I’ve got about as much chance of winning that event as I do this one (LOL). Honestly though, as much as I would like to win the tournament (unrealistic as that might be), this trip is more about the experience of sharing memorable moments with loved ones.
Hey it’s Thanksgiving! I’m allowed to get sappy for at least a moment on Thanksgiving, aren’t I? Shouldn’t I be grateful for the sparkling sunshine that greeted us this morning, the temperature hovering around 70 degrees, the slight breeze caressing our skin? Shouldn’t I be thankful that the old bod is hanging in there well enough for me to even give competition a shot? And every bit as important, shouldn’t I be extremely grateful that you have taken the time to share this moment? I would say immense gratitude is definitely in order!
Thanks Oliver, Fernando, Parker! If I do well you get the credit. If not, well that's all on me. Thanks to everyone (and there are so many) who have contributed so much to my world! I hope you, your family, and everyone who shares the sphere of your existence will enjoy this day of thanks, and that you find a few moments, in between bites of course, to reflect upon all that we have to be thankful for. Until soon, game, set, match….T A

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